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Documentation circumspheres Registration, Will, MOU, Deed of Ascent, Conveyance, Deed of Declaration, Commercial Documentation.

The field legal drafting services in India is well developed field of Indian laws. It includes the legal drafting and conveyance, legal vetting, contract law services.

Documentation Section provide in-house documentation services of all types which includes drafting of court petitions, various deeds, documents, agreements, venture deeds, collaboration agreements, gift deeds, wills, probate petitions, General Power of Attorney, Special Power of Attorney, Notary.


Expert team of lawyers to draft and vet the joint venture agreements, partnership agreements under the partnership business laws, partnership deeds with accurate partnership deed formats. The partnership deed contents as per the partnership deed formats for partnership deeds in India is very important legal documentation services in India.

We are a renowned registration services provider for all kinds of property registration services in India and have the special arrangements for legal documents online which is an integral part of legal documentation services.

We have established documentation registration guide which provide all kinds of documentation registration form related to the registration services. We provide all kinds of property registration form related to registration services in India which is an important part of title registration services in India.


We provide registration services of documents with various authorities, obtaining various kinds of permissions for registration services, certified copies, duplicate deeds, duplicate documents etc.

Legal Research and Litigation Support services; analyzing the legal material after research on multi jurisdictional data analysis and interpretation of law.

Online legal documents, online legal forms, online legal formats, online legal documentation services. All kinds of online petitions including court petitions, charitable trust formats, will formats, General Power of Attorney(GPA) formats, Special Power of Attorney (GPA) formats.

Vetting, redrafting, checking, polishing various kinds of legal documents by highly expert attorneys who specialize in multi-jurisdictional agreement drafting.




We organize legal documents, some of which are exemplified as follows :

• Confidentiality Letter

• Confidentiality Agreement

• Commission Agreement

• Commission and Confidentiality Agreement

• Commission and Non-solicitation Agreement

• Commission, Confidentiality and Non-solicitation Agreement

• Consultancy Terms and Conditions

• Consultancy Agreement

• Distribution Agreement (non-exclusive, standard)

• Franchise Agreement (standard)

• IP Assignment

• Trade Mark Assignment

• Trade Mark Licence

• Copyright Assignment

• Copyright Licence

• Letter Pack

• Letter enclosing contract for signature

• Letter proposing amendments to draft contract

• Letter proposing variation of contract

• Letter giving notice to remedy breach

• Letter terminating contract on breach

• Letter terminating contract on insolvency

• Letter terminating contract on notice

• Non-solicitation Agreement

• Confidentiality and Non-solicitation Agreement

• Commission and Non-solicitation Agreement

• Commission, Confidentiality and Non-solicitation Agreement

• Novation Agreement

• Terms and Conditions of Supply Services Agreement

• Terms and Conditions for the Supply of Services

• End User Licence Agreement

• Software Licence Contract

• Software Development Contract

• Software Maintenance Contract

• Software Licence and Maintenance Contract

• Software Development and Maintenance Contract

• Sponsorship Agreement

• Terms of Business

• Privacy Statement

• Conditions of Sale

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Hastings Chambers
3rd Floor, Room #3A, 7C, Kiran Shankar Roy Road, Kolkata - 700 001, West Bengal, India.
Phone : +91-33-2242 8829 / 30 / 2248 4094
Email : utpalmajumdaradvocates@gmail.com
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