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According to the Constitution, state legislatures are empowered to make laws and regulations regarding to a number of subject-matters, including water, land (rights in or over land, land tenure, transfer and alienation of agricultural land), as well as the preservation, protection and improvement of stock and the prevention of animal disease. Referring to the laws and regulations adopted by the central government, get a bird's eye view of Land Law at India housing.


The Registration Act, 1908 takes care of the gift of immovable property and non-testamentary instruments, annual leases of immovable property, sales, mortgages and exchanges of immovable property. The net effect has been that a large number of property transactions have been accomplished without proper registration. Further instruments such as Agreement to Sell, General Power of Attorney and will have been indiscriminately used to effect change of ownership.

Property tax is a levy charged by the municipal authorities for the upkeep of civic services in the city. It is levied on the basis of reasonable rent at which the property might be let from year to year. The reasonable rent can be actual rent if it is fair and reasonable. In the world's largest democracy, acquisition of landed property is a complex issue, presupposing a host of prerequisites.

Land law mainly deals with Land Reforms Acts, West Bengal Estates Acquisition Act, Urban Land (Ceiling and Regulation Act).
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Hastings Chambers
3rd Floor, Room #3A, 7C, Kiran Shankar Roy Road, Kolkata - 700 001, West Bengal, India.
Phone : +91-33-2242 8829 / 30 / 2248 4094
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